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Hey, I am Nikira.

Have you tried the T’Farge® Comfort yet?

Has an airsoft player, I found using the steel mesh mask wasn’t very comfortable and couldn’t get a good sight picture and even the Chinese folding mask is not ergonomic at all to give me the comfort and feel the T’Farge® COMFORT gives me and will give you as an Airsoft Operator.

I spent many years designing the T’Farge® Comfort, to make it the best mask I could. The design you see today, is a combination of requirements ask for by Airsoft players like yourself, my own imagination and what I believe was needed in the Airsoft world.

I have found the best airsoft gear I have purchased, were made or designed by Airsoft players. I truly believe that it takes one to know one. Using Mil/spec materials is the basic requirement for any Airsoft equipment and gear to last the Tough and Rough gameplay of an Airsoft operator.

The T’Farge® Comfort uses Milspec materials, from the ITW Nexus plastics to the Cordura fabric and licenced camo pattern printing on them. Just take the leap, you will not be disappointed.

This what I wrote about my journey into creating the T’Farge® Comfort and  why I want to make this mask live on in the world of Airsoft so I did a wonderful thing and decided to have a great collaboration, with OneTigris and I have fully licensed my mask design with them. 

They are of such high standard to the point that I do not need to make the Handmade T’Farge Comfort any more and I have made the decision to only sell the OneTigris X in this store. 

Give yourself a treat with the OneTigris X

Division S.I.X. Ltd Team

Nikira Garcia

Nikira Garcia