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About Me

Nikira Garcia
Designer & Director

I thought I’d write this little page like a blog, but I then decided I’ll just write this like one person talking to another. So here it goes!

I’ve been playing airsoft for a few years and I found that due to the styling of the well-known and well-used Chinese steel mesh mask in the airsoft world, it was very hard to acquire a good cheek-weld on my weapon. The style was making getting a good sight picture every time an impossibility. There had to be a way to mod it, make it much more comfortable and ergonomic. That is the reason why I decided to modify the design of my Chinese made face protection mask for myself; that would allow me to use my weapon in the way I was trained to do so, over many years. I wanted to get that good sight picture and cheek weld all the time.

I came up with plenty of different designs and what you can buy on this website is the best so far… Although rest assured, I am already working on a new awesome version!

After meeting Dan Foofighter from the Reaper airsoft team and having him put a picture of my prototype mask on his Instagram page all changed! I realised that other airsoft operators were interested in having the mask for themselves, so I decided to start up my own business and learn as I go.


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